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Louis Froelich and Company Encyclopedia

The “Sword Maker for the Confederacy,” Louis Froelich moved his company (formerly known as the CSA Arms Factory) to Kenansville, North Carolina after a yellow epidemic epidemic struck Wilmington in 1862.  The factory produced numerous swords, utensils, and sabers for the Confederacy’s fighting forces. 

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James Spencer Love (1896 1962) Encyclopedia

James Spencer Love was the founder of Burlington Industries, the biggest textile manufacturing company in the world by the mid-1950s. His entrepreneurship helped to expand the textile industry and provide funding for education.

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Lowe's Companies Encyclopedia

Lowe’s Companies is a North Carolina based chain of home improvement and appliance stores located in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Lowe’s is one of the nations largest retailers and serves over 1,400 customers a week with 1,710 stores in the U.S. and twenty in Canada.

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Luck's Incorporated Encyclopedia

During the mid-twentieth century manufacturing jobs started providing the majority of employment for North Carolinians.  Luck's Incorporated, a Seagrove-based company, produced approximately twenty four meat and vegetable products that were distributed across the Southeast.

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Archibald Maclaine (1728-1790) Encyclopedia

An influential supporter of the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, Archibald Maclaine may have been even more influential if not for his defense of Tories within the state. One of the original trustees of the University of North Carolina, Maclaine was known for his belief in the law and order and for his willingness to stand in the minority for issues he supported.

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James G. Martin (1935 - ) Encyclopedia

A former Congressman with a Ph.D. in chemistry, James Grubbs Martin came to Raleigh to serve as governor of North Carolina from 1985 to 1993.  During his gubernatorial terms, Martin focused on roads and education, and the state led the nation in economic development.

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Angus W. McLean (1925-1929) Encyclopedia

Remembered as the "Businessman's Governor," Angus W. McLean implemented sensible fiscal and economic policies during his 1925-1929 term as North Carolina governor. Born into a farming family in Robeson County, McLean was trained as a lawyer by the University of North Carolina. Upon graduating, McLean served North Carolina as an auspicious lawyer, mill-owner, banker, and public servant. In 1925, McLean took the office of governor and streamlined the state's fiscal management, invested heavily in education and infrastructure, and amassed a surplus of $2.5 million to help North Carolina through the Depression. 

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Malcom P. McLean (1913 - 2001) Encyclopedia

“The Father of containerization,” Malcolm P. McLean revolutionized the shipping industry during the 1950s and 1960s and his innovation help increase trade between the United States and China.  His big idea: an independent box container (trailer) placed in a truck bed on wheels.  These standardized containers were removable from trucks and stackable on barges and provided for more goods to be shipped at cheaper prices.  Throughout his entrepreneurial career, McLean adapted to and overcame government regulations.

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Merchants Committees of Inspection Encyclopedia

The Sons of Liberty in North Carolina established six Merchants Committees of Inspection in the colony.  Each chapter denounced non-complying merchants and eventually ensured the boycott of English goods.  In the end, the committees guaranteed that a stronger anti-tax message traveled across the Atlantic Ocean.    

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John Merrick (1859-1919) Encyclopedia

As the first president of the largest African American insurance company in the United States, John Merrick created more than personal wealth and economic opportunities for other blacks in Durham. He worked to bring better healthcare and educational opportunities to his community.

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Aaron McDuffie Moore (1863-1923) Encyclopedia

Born on September 6, 1863 to free yeoman farmer parents, Aaron McDuffie Moore used educational opportunities to improve his social condition and to better his community.

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Morehead City Encyclopedia

In the mid-nineteenth century, John Morehead expressed interest in establishing a port city.  He and Silas Webb visited Carteret County to determine whether a large port could be developed.  Impressed by the location and potential of Shepard’s Point, Morehead purchased six hundred acres of property.  With that property, the Shepard Point Land Company was formed, and on November 11, 1857, the first town lots were sold.

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Historic Murray's Mill Encyclopedia

In the rolling hills of eastern Catawba County, Murray’s Mill is located where it was built in 1913.  Three generations of the Murray Family operated the mill before bureaucratic red tape and increasing taxes forced Lloyd Murray, John’s son, to close its doors in 1967.

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Edward R. Murrow (1908 - 1965) Encyclopedia

One of the early communicators of the radio and television era, Edward R. Murrow was born in Guilford County. As a CBS broadcaster during World War II and the Red Scare, he was known for his command of language, signature phrases, and willingness to tackle difficult and controversial issues. He pioneered many programs that became the basis for the future of both radio and television news.

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National Recovery Administration Encyclopedia

Established by the National Industrial Recovery Act in 1933, the National Recovery Administration (NRA) was one of two early New Deal programs intended to revive U.S. industry after years of contraction. While designed to stabilize commerce, the NRA was unsuccessful, particularly in North Carolina, where it exerted baneful economic and sociological effects.

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