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Virginia Dare Wine Encyclopedia

North Carolina provided the United States with its most purchased wine during the early 1900s and before Prohibition: Virginia Dare red and white wines.  The product’s popularity rested in great part because winemaker Paul Garrett led an innovative and aggressive advertising campaign.

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Waste Industries USA, Inc Encyclopedia

Waste Industries USA, Inc. is based out of Raleigh, North Carolina and is one of the fastest growing waste and recycling service companies in the Southeast. Lonnie C. Poole Jr., a graduate from NC State University, founded the company in 1970.

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Doc Watson (1923 - 2012) Encyclopedia

Recognized as one of the best flatpickers for the guitar, Arthel “Doc” Watson was born in 1923 in Watauga County, North Carolina.  Watson’s early life greatly influenced his musical style and techniques. Although blind, Doc Watson won eight Grammy awards and the National Medal of the Arts.  

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David “Carbine” Williams (1900 - 1975) Encyclopedia

One of North Carolina’s most famous inventors, “Carbine” Williams was a native of Cumberland County. While in his early twenties Williams made moonshine.  During a raid on his still, Williams shot and killed a deputy sheriff, so he was sentenced to prison for the murder. A trusted inmate, Williams spent his extra time working on gun inventions in the prison’s blacksmith shop. After his release from prison, Williams developed the prototype for the M-1 Carbine rifle, the military’s weapon of choice during World War II.

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John W. Winters, Sr. (1920-2004) Encyclopedia

Born on January 21, 1920 in Raleigh, North Carolina, John W. Winters, Sr. lived an accomplished life in the city where his “family home” had always been.  Before he died on February 15, 2004, Winters started a construction company and real estate management business and became Raleigh’s first African American city councilman and one of the first African Americans elected to the North Carolina State Senate since the Reconstruction Era. 

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